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It's All in the Details!


Since 2011, this dynamic duo has been bringing the best of both the creative and organized side of planning to life. They create cutting edge concepts that are derived from transforming ideas into tangible and creative solutions. Event Planning is their passion, and they continuously educate themselves about the business and latest trends in the industry. They pride themselves on demonstrating accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to work well in complex environments. Capturing the little details that exude you or your organization’s personality while bringing them to life is what 6 Degrees Event Planning Company uses to create incredible events!


Turning a Vision

into Reality


Ever since she can remember, whenever someone asked Joslyn what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response has always been an entrepreneur. She never knew of what, but knew she wanted to own her own business. Joslyn graduated with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management in 2010, but the corporate world wasn’t a leap she wanted to take. So after deeper thought, as of 2011 that “what” became 6 Degrees Event Planning. Since then she's been living her dream! Having always been the organizer, time manager, detailed planner for family events, trips, and any other gatherings, these skill sets carried over into 6 Degrees Event Planning.  


In Love with

Creating Experiences


Ashley's love for events appeared in a very unexpected way. In 2004, while pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising, she had to create and implement a fashion show as a graduation requirement. Ashley fell in love with every aspect of that event – from creating the concept to creating a unique experience for the attendees.  From that point on she became the guru of events for her friends and family. In 2011, Ashley co-founded 6 Degrees Event Planning; and has been creating memorable events ever since!

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